Fun Indoor Workouts Vol 4

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Enjoy a wide variety of fun group workouts that require no running, making them perfect for indoor training, studios and even outdoor bootcamps. 

Flexible designs

I have converted each workout into a template format, so you can create any type of workout (lower, core, upper, full body) quickly and easily.

Whats more, each workout is uniquely different with a fun and creative twist.  


Format: Digital PDFs.

Whats Included:

    1. Super-Set Ninja          
    2. Higher or Lower         
    3. Terminator     
    4. Pinocchio       
    5. Three Level Smash     
    6. Swing Binge (reps based)      
    7. One Stop Accumulator          
    8. Pick A Winner
    9. It’s A Knockout           
    10. Insidious 100  
    11. Reverse Tabata Ladder          
    12. HIIT Explode   
    13. 30, 30, 30       
    14. Finding Nemo
    15. Grim Reaper   
    16. I Go, You Go   
    17. Mountain Climber     
    18. Reverse Tabata          
    19. King Inferno   
    20. Queen Inferno
    21. Beat The Quadrant