My Story

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Leon Melnicenko, a dedicated fitness professional hailing from Bolton, a town in the vibrant north of England known for its notable figures like Peter Kay, Paddy McGinness, and the beloved Greggs Pasties.

With a distinguished background as a British Commando, I proudly earned my green beret and served with J-Company 42-Commando Royal Marines, stationed in the South of England. The Royal Marines, recognized as the UK's esteemed Commando Force and the Royal Navy's amphibious troops, equipped me with the skills to swiftly respond to global challenges across a broad spectrum of threats and security issues.

During my time in the Marines, I discovered my passion for troop fitness sessions. Each day, a different member of the group would lead the class, and when it was my turn, I discovered my natural talent for creating engaging and effective workouts. This newfound expertise led me to realize my true calling and ultimately steered me away from my Marine career.

With eight years of military service, including a memorable tour in Afghanistan, etched in my memory, I transitioned into the fitness industry and founded my first successful group training business, Sound Fitness Team Training. In addition to conducting ten weekly classes, I also organized corporate team-building sessions at the renowned Wrigley's, the world's largest chewing gum manufacturer.

In 2015, fueled by a thirst for new adventures, I sold my business and embarked on a journey through Spain, simultaneously developing my latest entrepreneurial endeavor - the Workout Design Club. Settling in the picturesque village of Alcaucín, Spain, I found love with Sophie, my fiancée, and together we are blessed with two incredible children, Alba and Lili, who attend the local Spanish school.

Driven by a passion for crafting innovative and engaging workouts, I am committed to empowering fitness professionals like yourself through the Workout Design Club, and this online store.

Join me on this exciting journey as we unlock new possibilities in the world of fitness and inspire countless individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals.