Total Body Reset - A Done For You 4-Month Training Programme

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In 2022 I put my clients through a fun and result-focused 4-month training programme combining bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell exercises. The programme was a huge success and the results where incredible.

This is a repeatable fitness programme (suitable for all ability levels), that you can plug straight into your business. I have used a wide variety to proven training formats and unique exercises to give each workout a fresh feel. 

I have included 64x 30-minute workouts along with 64 fun finishers, and here's how the programme is structured. 

  • Day 1: Lower body focus
  • Day 2: Core Focus
  • Day 3: Upper Body Focus
  • Day 4: Full-Body Focus
  • Repeat

How simple is that? 

You have three options.

1: Run it as a 4-month programme. 

2: Break the programme up into 4x 30 day challenges.

3: Use the workouts as they are to deliver more enjoyable classes. 

Who can use this programme?

Anybody who instructs fitness. 

1. Group trainers

2. Bootcamps

3. Studio owners 

4. 1-1 PT

5. Online training


This done for you programme will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort, and give you access to some of the most exciting/result-focused workouts available today. 

In fact, if you repeated this programme 3x per year, you would never have to write another workout ever again. 

Licence to sell: You have my express permission to promote Total Body Reset as a 4-month training programme. You can sell this as a programme to entice new members to join your fitness membership. This licence is worth around $500, but free to you when you purchase Total Body Reset today. 


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