Super Circuits Volume 3

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If you love incorporating circuits into your group fitness programme, then I've got something really cool to share with you. 

It's called Super Circuits Volume 3, a unique collection of fun and innovative circuit training templates that group trainers are using to add more variety (and a lot more fun) to their classes. 

With The Ultimate Super Circuits Collection at your fingertips, you can  create hundreds of fun circuits by  slotting in your favourite exercises, be that  body-weight, equipment-based or a combination of both 

That's 21 totally unique circuits in total, with unlimited possibilities. 


Format: Digital PDFs.

What's included?

  1. Boom Ladder 
  2. Ultimate TUT 
  3. Penalty Notice
  4. Rapid Intervals           
  5. Battleships     
  6. Micro Circuit  
  7. Renegade Switch       
  8. Respawn Hero
  9. Road Runner  
  10. Atomic 4        
  11. HIIT Picker      
  12. The 3 In 1 Circuit        
  13. Kill Switch       
  14. HIIT Incredible
  15. Iso Oblivion    
  16. Path Finder    
  17. Triple Stack    
  18. Bucket List     
  19. Ten Minute Gauntlet 
  20. Target Titan   
  21. Ten Minute March