Super Circuits Volume 4

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If you love incorporating circuits into your group fitness programme, then I've got something really cool to share with you. 

It's called Super Circuits Volume 4, a unique collection of fun and innovative circuit training templates that group trainers are using to add more variety (and a lot more fun) to their classes. 

With The Ultimate Super Circuits Collection at your fingertips, you can  create hundreds of fun circuits by  slotting in your favourite exercises, be that  body-weight, equipment-based or a combination of both 

That's 21 totally unique circuits in total, with unlimited possibilities. 


Format: Digital PDFs.

What's included?

  1. One Truth, Two Lies   
  2. Rock And Roller         
  3. Zero Quest     
  4. Team AMRAP 
  5. A Flipping Advantage 
  6. Sprint Builder 
  7. Double Bubble
  8. PHA Circuit     
  9. Hard Time      
  10. Minus 8 (Relay)
  11. Minus 8 (Variation)
  12. Shadow Boxer
  13. Fight Night
  14. Endurance Pro
  15. Lucky Charm  
  16. Hungry Hippos 1
  17. Hungry Hippos 2        
  18. Circuit Sally 1 
  19. Circuit Sally 2 
  20. Traveller         
  21. John Wick      
  22. Battle Ground