Fun Bootcamp Games Vol 3

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Are you running out of fresh ideas for your outdoor classes? 

Inside this manual, you'll discover 21 fun and result-focused group workouts that will keep your clients happy, engaged and loving your classes even more. 

Every challenge is uniquely different with a fun and creative twist.  


We are so confident that your clients will enjoy these creative workouts that we're giving you a full year to try them out. Yes, that's right. If you feel they're not for you, simply contact us anytime within the next 365 days, and we'll happily refund your purchase.  

Format: Digital PDFs.

What's included:

  1. Battle Monsters
  2. Cardio Collective
  3. Balance Blitz 360
  4. Army of One
  5. Metal Hero
  6. 21 Turbo Oblivion
  7. Code Cracker
  8. HIIT The Reset Button
  9. Super Warm-Up
  10. Captain Peg Leg
  11. Capture The Sequence
  12. Judgement Day
  13. Kingdoms of Agility (Bronze)
  14. Last One Standing
  15. Legs Inferno
  16. HIIT Man
  17. Lap Land
  18. HIIT Re-spawn
  19. Speed Rally
  20. HIIT Double or Quit