Fun Outdoor Workout Ideas Vol 3

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Are you running out of fresh ideas for your outdoor classes? 

Inside this manual, you'll discover 21 fun and result-focused group workouts that will keep your clients happy, engaged and loving your classes even more. 

Every challenge is uniquely different with a fun and creative twist.

Flexible designs

I have converted each workout into a template format, so you can create any type of challenge (lower, core, upper, full body) quickly and easily. This gives you access to hundreds of possible challenges. 

What's more, each workout is uniquely different with a fun and creative twist.  


Format: Digital PDFs.

What's included:

  1. Partner Matrix
  2. Roll Boss         
  3. Roll Boss (AMRAP)     
  4. Quad 7’s         
  5. Tabata Locomotive    
  6. Sub 60
  7. Quad Killer     
  8. HIIT Full-Body Oblivion          
  9. Play The Field 
  10. Capture The Flag        
  11. Flipping Hero’s           
  12. Test Me!         
  13. 4x4x48 Challenge       
  14. Silly Shuttles   
  15. The Happy Mile         
  16. Totally ISO!    
  17. Pick And Mix  
  18. Extreme Beast
  19. Sprint Builder 
  20. Devils Drop 440         
  21. Ascension