Fun Fitness Testing Methods For Group Trainers

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In the world of group fitness training, keeping clients engaged, motivated, and on a clear path to progress is paramount. Yet, one important element often overlooked is fitness testing. 

While many trainers excel at crafting high-energy, impactful workouts, the mention of fitness assessments can conjure images of tedious, even daunting, sessions that feel more like a chore than an integral part of a client's fitness journey.

And that's why I created...

Fun Fitness Testing Methods For Group Fitness Trainers

Discover how targeted assessments can unlock the full potential of every individual in your group, propelling your group fitness programme to greatness.

What Is Fun Fitness Testing Methods For Group Trainers?

An Expert Level online course that will give you with the skills to assess, measure and improve your group's fitness in all the key areas, so your clients get better results from your training programme.

By consistently showing your clients that they're making progress, you not only increase their commitment to fitness but also ensure they stick with you for the long haul.

This leads to higher retention rates, creating a stable client base and reducing the need for constant marketing efforts. Essentially, your clients' successes become your best advertisement.

Module 1: Fitness Testing Essentials.

Module 2: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Cardiovascular Endurance Assessments.

Module 3: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Muscular Endurance Assessments.

Module 4: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of PHA Circuit Assessments.

Module 5: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Speed And Agility Assessments.

Module 6: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Strength, Endurance And Conditioning Assessments.

Module 7: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Balance And Stability Assessments.

Module 8: Unlocking The Creative Potential Of Bleep Assessments.

Module 9: Skill-Based Games - Engaging Challenges for Post-Assessment Fun.

Module 10: Assessment Mastery: Ten Complete Assessments for Comprehensive Fitness Profiling.