Fun Indoor Workouts Vol 4

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Enjoy a wide variety of fun group workouts that require no running, making them perfect for indoor training, studios and even outdoor bootcamps. 

Flexible designs

I have converted each workout into a template format, so you can create any type of workout (lower, core, upper, full body) quickly and easily.

Whats more, each workout is uniquely different with a fun and creative twist.  


We are so confident that your clients will enjoyable these creative workouts, that we're giving you a full year to try them out. Yes, that's right. If you feel they're not for you, simply contact us anytime within the next 365 days, and we'll happily refund your purchase.  

Format: Digital PDFs.

Whats Included:

    1. Super-Set Ninja          
    2. Higher or Lower         
    3. Terminator     
    4. Pinocchio       
    5. Three Level Smash     
    6. Swing Binge (reps based)      
    7. One Stop Accumulator          
    8. Pick A Winner
    9. It’s A Knockout           
    10. Insidious 100  
    11. Reverse Tabata Ladder          
    12. HIIT Explode   
    13. 30, 30, 30       
    14. Finding Nemo
    15. Grim Reaper   
    16. I Go, You Go   
    17. Mountain Climber     
    18. Reverse Tabata          
    19. King Inferno   
    20. Queen Inferno
    21. Beat The Quadrant