Fun Indoor Workouts Vol 1

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Enjoy a wide variety of fun group workouts that require no running, making them perfect for indoor training, studios and even outdoor bootcamps. 

Flexible designs

I have converted each workout into a template format, so you can any create type of workout (lower, core, upper, full body) quickly and easily.

Whats more, each workout is uniquely different with a fun and creative twist.  

Format: Digital PDFs.

Whats Included:

  1. Superset Joker
  2. Triple Ultimate
  3. Carry On Tabata
  4. Subtraction Circuit
  5. Delete The Beast
  6. Test Me!         
  7. Alphabet Legs
  8. Target Tabata
  9. Cast Your Vote           
  10. 4-Level Boxer 
  11. Beat The Trainer        
  12. Back To Shaolin          
  13. Club 1000       
  14. Section Attack
  15. R & R (Rest And Recuperation)          
  16. Two Minute Warrior  
  17. Sticky Rounds 
  18. Rounds Smash
  19. Test Ultimate 
  20. Reverse The Beast     
  21. Strong Hero 25          
  22. Rock And Reverse      
  23. Warrior Plus   
  24. Competition Cardio   
  25. Time Bomb    
  26. Subtraction Tabata    
  27. My True Warrior