Re-brandable Healthy Eating Guide

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Have you ever wanted to write a guide on healthy eating for your clients but didn't know where to start?

A Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating is everything your clients need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve better results from your training program.

What sets this guide apart is that you have complete control over its customisation, allowing you to edit, re-brand, and even put your name as the author.

The beginner's guide to healthy eating is perfect for health and fitness professionals who want an easy way to educate their clients on healthy eating.

Bonus: I have also included 13 original and well-researched fitness articles (500-700 words) that work exceptionally well as Facebook posts, blog posts, emails or social media. Just one article written to this quality would set you back $40 at a minimum (high-resolution images included for each article).

1. Benefits of Planking
2. Benefits of Running
3. Benefits of The Squat Press
4. Benefits of Burpees
5. Benefits Of HIIT Training
6. Benefits of Hill/Stair Walking
7. Benefits of Healthy Eating
8. Benefits of Meditation
9. How often should you exercise?
10. How do I stay motivated to work out?
11. How to measure your fitness Progress
12. Ten Interesting Fitness Facts
13. Ten Weird Fitness Facts