The Ultimate 30-Day Clean Eating Course (DFY)

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The Ultimate 30-Day Clean Eating course is a powerful 32-day email sequence that educates clients on the best nutrition advice and resources so they can adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve better results from your training program.

This is the perfect addition to your training programme because better nutrition directly translates into improved fitness results. 

You can use this course as an upsell to your fitness programme (which I highly recommend because it's an easy way to boost your income), or you can give it away for free to increase the value of your membership. 

I have also included a series of editable Canva graphics which will help you to promote the course. This will save you a lot of time. 

 About this course

I created this course when I qualified as a diet and nutrition advisor. Each daily lesson covers a different area of diet and nutrition, so your clients learn in bite-size chunks.  

This course would cost you around $2000 to be created, and today you get it for a fraction of the price, plus free lifetime updates.