Top 30 Workout Templates 2023

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These cleverly crafted HIT/HIIT templates are perfect for creating result-focused workout programmes quickly and easily. 

Every workout is different, and I have used a wide variety of proven training formats, so you can deliver the most enjoyable workouts possible.  

Thats thousands of possible workouts at your fingertips. 

The Power Of Templates?

Workout templates are proven to save time, reduce stress and improve productivity. They also offer a high degree of consistency, so your classes are consistently amazing. 


Format: Digital PDFs.

What's Included:

  1. Super-Set Joker
  2. Triple Core Ultimate
  3. Carry On Tabata
  4. Subtraction Circuit
  5. Delete The Beast
  6. Test Day
  7. Reverse The Ladder
  8. Test Day
  9. Reverse The Beast
  10. Target Tabata
  11. Cast Your Vote
  12. 4-Level Boxer
  13. Ticked Off
  14. Back To Shaolin
  15. Test Day 2
  16. Devils Ladder
  17. Section Attack
  18. Superset Trio
  19. 2-Minute Warrior
  20. Sticky Rounds
  21. Rounds Smash
  22. Tabata Force
  23. Strength And Valor
  24. Strong Hero
  25. Rock And Roll
  26. Warrior Plus
  27. Competition Cardio
  28. Test My Fitness 10x10
  29. You've Been AMRAP'd
  30. Totally Planked
  31. Twin Tabata
  32. My True Warrior